The Story of Goldilocks: Local, Organic Beeswax Wraps

Beyond simply replacing the use of household plastics, Amy and Brett of Goldilocks Wraps are doing their part in creating an accessible movement toward a plastic-free lifestyle. Goldilocks beeswax wraps are a new alternative for keeping your food fresh for days. The best part? All of their wraps are handmade right here in Victoria.

After spending time volunteering at a shark conservation in Fiji, founder Amy Hall was empowered to become more environmentally conscious herself. After seeing beeswax wraps while travelling through Australia, she decided to create her own version, gifting them for Christmas to her family in Ontario. With rave reviews, Amy decided to start selling the wraps at markets and eventually brought the business to Victoria.  After a rapid progression from markets into a full-time business, Amy is now settled in Victoria for the long haul.

Shortly after arriving in Victoria, Amy happened to move into an apartment owned by her eventual business partner, Brett Higson. In exchange for help painting, Amy received Brett’s helping hand making wraps one afternoon.  The pair soon realized they enjoyed one another’s company and, with their complimentary skills, decided to create a partnership to see where Goldilocks could go next.

Amy has her Master’s degree in Art History, giving her an aesthetic eye that’s on display in all of the wrap’s designs. Amy pairs this with her knowledge of startups, having previously worked for a small business during its infancy stages. Brett brings operations experience built through work in telecommunications, natural building projects, and real estate solutions. 

From the get-go, Amy trusted Brett to run the operations side of the business. For Brett, he likened this to sending Amy’s child off to daycare. It was hard at first, but trust and respect allowed their partnership to support the next phase of Goldilocks. Although Amy established the foundation of Goldilocks over three years ago, Amy and Brett officially incorporated in January 2018.

“If the passion and the hard work is there, the universe will come along and drop something in your lap.”

From the beginning of their partnership, Amy and Brett both believed in investing back into the business. Whether that meant bringing on additional staff to support their busy holiday season or investing in a new, larger space, Goldilocks has set up their product, production, and culture for long-term success.  

Starting with market sales, they transitioned to wholesale orders and eventually their own e-commerce store.  It’s evident Goldilocks has found the perfect “not too hot, not too cold” offering in today’s marketplace, and keeping true to their values is at the forefront:

We have walked away from large volume requests in order to support our direct line of customers and sustain our work culture”. 

By setting fair pricing, smart margins, and sustainable wholesale contracts, Goldilocks has established a foundation for not only their customers but their staff. On the promotional side, they’ve been able to boost their brand awareness with the likes of influencer powerhouses like Jillian Harris (IG: @jillian.harris)

Although their business is quickly growing, their values remain constant. Brett and Amy believe that a lifestyle shift requires one change at a time in order to make regular habits stick. The Goldilocks principle allows people to test out the zero waste journey rather than an all-or-nothing overhaul. They feel that the sustainability of a lifestyle is not just about the products used, but the ability to sustain changes in the long run.

As retail changes in the years to come, Goldilocks is happy focusing on its direct-to-consumer business and build longstanding relationships with consumers who are ready to take small steps in living more sustainably. With their combined knack for business, sustainable changes, and loving the lives they lead, we are super excited to watch Goldilocks’ journey continue to unfold.

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