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Self-reflection for many is a practice used all too rarely, and when used, it is often used as a solution to a crisis. Homebound tarot is offering a resource to maintain your practice of centering, self-reflection, and inner guidance, as often as you buy groceries.

Arielle and I met a few years ago while both working for Picot Collective. I remember first meeting her and thinking she was so much like my sister and I was going to love spending time with her. Over a couple of years, I got to witness her incredibly detailed eye, calm patience, and love for tarot. What started out as a school project turned into a all encompassing passion project, and eventually a business.

While Arielle was attending Pacific Design Academy, an interactive book project was the perfect opportunity to dive into her love of tarot decks. Although she is a veteran tarot user, the thought of making her own, was incredibly exciting. Motivated to create something herself, this project allowed Arielle to explore exactly what her personal tarot deck would include. 

For those who are not familiar with tarot cards, they can seem scary, dangerous, predicting of the future, or a bad omen. Arielle wanted to create the complete opposite; a deck that had calming serene imagery, soft colors, and a focus on tools to calm anxious behaviours and inspire introspection. She wanted a guidebook that had a plethora of teaching tools and self-reflective questions, plus a way to weave in journal prompts with each card. Arielle’s goal was to make tarot cards accessible, approachable, simple, and personal.

Over the past year of creating this deck, Arielle had many challenges that arose and questioned her desire to complete this project. Being an incredibly vulnerable process, the self-reflection she had to endure to create the cards was a project on it’s own. The product itself is also extremely vulnerable. Not only does Arielle share foundations of Tarot from it’s beginnings, but she weaves in many concepts she has had the fortune of learning and growing from in the process.

Whenever I work on a project, it always comes back to the desire to help people

When asked why creating tarot cards was an important project, Arielle answered, “Whenever I work on a project, it always comes back to the desire to help people. Founding the Picot Collective Markets, I wanted businesses to be seen. When I was weaving, I wanted to create something beautiful that people could enjoy in their home.” For Arielle, it all comes back to creating an experience for others.

Homebound Tarot is just that; an enriching and calming experience. The messaging is supportive, yet inquisitive, and with the added bonus of journal prompts attached to each card, it allows users to work through any thoughts or emotions provoked by the card.

I believe that the name Homebound is the most wonderful part of this whole project. Homebound is two fold; firstly tarot reading is coming home, nestling up with a great cup of tea, and exploring your thoughts with the guidance of a deck. Secondly, this deck is reminding us all that self-care is essential to leading a healthy life. Anxiety can take over so many situations in our lives and the feeling of wanting to retreat into our own worlds can sometimes hold us back from magical experiences with others. This deck both supports the moments of introversion, yet allows us to heal any self-doubt or insecurity that could be holding us back from enjoying those moments with others.

Homebound Tarot’s Instagram gives you a glimpse into many of the different messages the cards intend to share. Once you are hooked, find the deck online at https://homeboundtarot.com/.

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