packaging with our EARTH in mind

When we set out to make candles, sustainability was always at the forefront of our approach to packaging.

From the mailers and boxes, down to the stickers and tissue paper, we knew every little detail mattered.

We’re proud to say that every component of our packaging is either 100% compostable or recyclable.

100% Compostable mailers

Sustainable packaging wouldn’t have been possible without help from the good folks at noissue. They are re-defining what our packaging is and where it ends up once it’s served its purpose.

All of our candles are shipped in noissue’s 100% compostable mailers. Believe it or not, they’re actually made of corn! These bio-degradable mailers are extra durable, making them the perfect replacement for traditional plastic bags.

eco-friendly tissue + Stickers

The tissue paper and stickers we use are eco-friendly, completely acid-free, and made of wood pulp sourced from FSC-certified forests.¬†Better yet, they’re printed with soy-based inks, resulting in more vivid colors and no harmful by-products.