Tofino Soap Company: Finding Huge Success in Small Batches

It’s exciting when we discover talented people not only in Victoria but on beautiful Vancouver Island. To continue the theme of getting to know the masterminds behind products we love, we caught up with Tofino Soap Company to learn more about their perfectly curated line of natural products.

I stumbled upon the Tofino Soap Company brand as I was doing my daily Instagram feed scroll and their simplistic branding had me intrigued. I was amazed I hadn’t heard of them before, and all I wished for was a scratch and sniff screen so I could fully experience their products. After I realized how absurd that thought was, I began to research their story.

Nestled in the infamous surf town of Tofino, BC, Mike and Angela have created beautiful products while connecting them to the nature that surrounds them. Their mission is to create small-batch, sustainable products in a way that works for them. They continue to lead their bustling lives all while creating this enchanting line of soaps, candles, oils, and balms. I was able to pick their brains on what led them to where they are today and I am so appreciative for their time and their willingness to share. Enjoy!

HV: What paths led you to the start of Tofino Soap Company?

Our professional backgrounds are in medicine, the environment, and wellness. Tofino Soap Company began as a passionate hobby and creative outlet that combined our formal education with family traditions. 

HV: What has the biggest obstacle been that you have faced while establishing your brand?

Honouring our tradition of small batches and maintaining our slow process standards has been a challenge with the pressure to increase volume. We are proud of our integrity and traditional standards. So grateful to have such a supportive community that “gets it”.

HV: If you had to describe your brand in three words, what would they be?

Simplicity. Sustainability. Clean. (ha!) 

HV: When you aren’t creating, what do you spend your time doing?

Mike gets in the surf as much as possible, has a bit of a hobby with woodworking and I enjoy hiking and basically being a beach bum. We both enjoy boating, foraging, birding and gardening.

HV: How are your personalities expressed in your products?

I feel like our goods are a reflection of our lifestyle and some of the things we enjoy. 

HV: What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs afraid to turn their dreams into realities? 

Embrace mentorship and get on with it! 

HV: Where do you see your company going? Do you wish to evolve it into more than it is or is this just right?

Who knows where it might go? We didn’t know it would be where it is today. Very thankful for where we are today although I would like a little more garden space so we’ll see if I can talk mike into that..

HV: What excited you about being business owners in today’s world? 

It’s exciting to create something people enjoy, what an awesome thing to be able to do. It feels good!

Learn more about Tofino Soap Company online at or follow along on their Instagram.

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